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KCWA Family and Social Services is a non-profit organization established in 1985 by a group of women who were concerned with women and family issues and serves women, men, senior and youth all of them.
List of Articles
No. Subject Author Date
38 [West Park Healthcare Centre] Social worker position, Young Adult Physically Disabled Unit kcwa 2016.07.28
37 [Elizabeth Bagshaw Women's Clinic (Vancouver, BC)] Executive Director kcwa 2016.07.21
36 [Sherbourne Health Centre] Director, LGBTQ Health kcwa 2016.07.21
35 [University of Toronto's Mississauga AccessAbility Resource Centre]Disability specialist, Mental health kcwa 2016.07.21
34 [University of Toronto's Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Wlrk] Lab coordinator kcwa 2016.07.21
33 [Scadding Court Community Centre] Senior manager of development and community engagement kcwa 2016.07.15
32 [University of Toronto Schools] Social worker position kcwa 2016.07.15
31 [FCJ Refugee Centre] Employment oppotunities kcwa 2016.07.07
30 [Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services] Project coordinator, Employment security & social action (part-time, contract) kcwa 2016.06.03
29 [Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre] Curriculum writer & content researcher (contract) position kcwa 2016.06.03
28 [For Youth Initiative] Youth Outreach worker position & Board of directors position kcwa 2016.05.30
27 Social Planning Toronto 'Community planner' position file kcwa 2016.05.25
26 Full-time Contract program coordinator file kcwa 2016.05.13
25 Senior Researcher Positions kcwa 2016.05.13
24 Parti-time Social Services Support Worker kcwa 2016.05.13
23 2 Permanent, Full-time Child & Family Clinicians kcwa 2016.05.13
22 [For Youth Initiative] Youth Settlement Case Lead position file kcwa 2016.05.06
21 Youth Employment Services: Part-time retail job file kcwa 2016.05.04
20 YWCA Job fairs and events file kcwa 2016.05.04
19 {For Youth Initiative] Manager, Finance & Administration file kcwa 2016.04.18
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