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Permanent Resident Card

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What is a PR Card?

Permanent resident card is the official proof that you are a permanent resident of Canada according to the immigration act amended on June 28, 2002. You use this wallet-sized plastic card to prove your legal status. This card is a formal legal status (official proof of status in Canada) to prove a legal status and it is necessary to hold a PR card for a permanent resident including children traveling outside of Canada by commercial transport (plane, train, ship or bus) when entering into Canada.

Validity of PR Card

Permanent resident card is valid for five years and the card must be renewed every 5 years. When entering to Canada if the PR card is expired after traveling, you should apply for Permanent Resident Travel Document to enter to Canada and travel documents from the Canadian visa should be issued.

Permanent Residency Obligation

A permanent resident as defined by the Canadian government must maintain an obligation period of residence. The Residency Obligation for Permanent Resident is a provision that permanent residents must physically presented in Canada for at least 730 days in every 5 year-period.

Permanently Resident Card Renewal Period

A PR card is valid until the expire date listed on the card. You should apply for a PR card if it expires in less than nine months.

PR Card Renewal

You should renew your Permanent Resident Card every five years. In order to renew your PR Card, you should access to IRCC website, downloading application forms, do the application form-filling and mailing application form to IRCC along with the required documents. Application for a permanent resident card renewal are as follows:

Application and Key Documents

  • Document Check list (IMM 5644)

  • Application Forms (IMM 5444)

  • A photocopy of one of following;

    • The valid passport or the passport or travel document you had when you became a permanent resident (including the passport page that was stamped when you arrive in Canada and became a permanent resident)

    • 2 photos taken within six months of the date of this application

    • Proof of payment: $50

    Children under the age of 18

  • Applicant's birth certificate (showing the applicant's name, date of birth, place of birth and the names of the parents or adoptive parents) or

  • Transcripts from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada verifying attendance within the past five (5) years

Receiving a Permanent Resident Card

Once a new PR card is produced by IRCC, they usually mail it to the applicant.
However, in some cases, an interview may be requested from the local office prior to giving out a PR card to the applicant.

Contact IRCC

If you have any questions about the Permanent Card Renewal, Urgent Processing Request, and application forms, please contact the IRCC call centre at 1-888-242-2100.

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